Hulu’s ‘Shut Eye’ Exposes The World Of Fake Psychics, But Here’s How You Can Spot A Real One

By Lea Palmieri: Dec 8, 2016 at 11:00am

Ok, but what about real life? Just how prevalent are these scammers? And how can you tell if the psychic you are handing over your dollars to is legit? We asked a couple of actual psychics for the signs to look out for.

New York City psychic love coach Ann Johnson agrees. “If you go to a storefront person and you go in and you see someone who has a sign out, if they look like they’re a gypsy they probably are. I’ve had the experience of life. Intuition is something you work on. The people that you go into the street and find for 5 dollars, I don’t know if they’ve worked on that.” She recommends doing your research before reaching out to someone. “If somebody looks at a person’s website or any kind of PR, they know that that’s a qualified person.” Johnson has also studied psychology to help read the people she encounters.

“A sure sign is when they try to get you to come back. That means they’re just in the racket of making money. I’ve had people that come back to me, but it’s not because I encourage them to. If somebody comes to me I tell them right away what I feel and what I sense about them. They give me their problem or what their issue is and I give them an answer. I don’t care if they come back.”