"Ann, you were 'simply wonderful'. Everyone is so impressed with how intuitive you are."
-LaTisha Lawrence, NextWeb Media

"Ann – Thanks again for joining us in Vegas for the Thrillist event. You were a HUGE hit!"
-Hillary Benjamin, Senior Director, Marketing, Equinox

"This woman is the real deal!!!! I entered Ann Johnson’s Central Park West apartment
overwhelmed with anxiety, and I left calmer than I’d been in weeks."
-Julia Allison, Time Out New York

“Her service was a great addition to the party and our employees really enjoyed both her
tarot cards and palm reads. She made everyone feel special and unique. I would highly
recommend her for any private or corporate affair.”
-New York Magazine

"My psychic reading with Ann Johnson on MTV's Pagent Place in November 2007
illuminated my career paths and gave meaning to my choices for the future. Thank you Ann!"
-Katie Blair, Ms Teen USA 2007

“Thank you again for your unique insights! Your sapience was greatly appreciated by all.
The line that formed to consult with you attested to that. Again, thank you
for making the S&S holiday party a great one.”
-Saatchi & Saatchi

“Ann taught us how to use intuition and psychic abilities to energize ourselves in business situations.”
-Crain’s New York Business

“She has a unique gift for connecting with people.”
-The Rolling Stones

“We were fascinated by Ann’s extraordinary ability to tune into body language and
facial expressions to gain understanding into everyone’s personality.”

“I heard about her when I was in Ireland. My time spent with her was
the most important part of my visit to America.”
-Samantha Hogan

"I usually don't take stock in these things, but after spending some time with Ann I see what the fuss is. Sometimes we need someone who can help us see ourselves more clearly. I would heartily recommend Ann Johnson to anyone as an empathic psychic coach, as someone who can guide a person past their personal difficulties of the moment to help them become a more positive and realized being."
-Bradley Hastart